Come Invest In Africa

Africa Commerce is the parent company for two new and unique websites that substantially reduce barriers to doing business in Africa

Commerce Ghana (www.commerceghana.com) focuses on the unique opportunities available to investors to do business in the emerging market of Ghana. CommerceGhana features investment data on over 17 major industry sectors including: agriculture, arts, insurance, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, real estate, telecommunications, tourism, transportation, and utilities. Participants have the opportunity to feature ads in these sections. We highlight companies that enable investors to view actual investment opportunities in these industries. We help organizations discover attractive investment opportunities in Ghana and the rest of Africa.

The Africa Business Portal (www.africabusinessportal.com) is all about connecting businesses and investors with specialists in the US and Africa who have the know how to do business in Africa. Whether it’s a qualified attorney in New York who knows the ins and outs of business in the Sudan, or an accountant located in Ghana that understands the intricacies of the tax laws – investors need specialists who know their way around. The Business Portal gives businesses access to valuable human resources. We have pre-qualified a group of specialists that can help you do business in Africa. They have expertise across a wide range of industries including: financial, real estate, attorneys, accountants, banking, oil and gas, public sector and others. Visit the site today to get more information.